The Sportkoepel is the umbrella organisation for sport associations of the University of Twente. The aim of the Sportkoepel is to arrange the distribution of subsidies for the student sports associated with the University of Twente. Additionally, the Sportkoepel operates as an advocate for the student sport associations.

The Sportkoepel is a foundation consisting of an Executive and a General Board. Each student sport association recognized by the Student Union, which receives a subsidy, has a seat on the General Board.

Besides the Executive and the General Board, the Sportkoepel has several committees. The Avisory Council can provide solicited and unsolicited advice to the General as well as to the Executive Board. The Financial Control Committee supervises the financial affairs of the Sportkoepel. The FOBOS Committee distributes the occasional scholarships for the sports sector. The Sports Day Committee organizes the Sports Day for the sport associations at the end of the year. The GNSK  Committee is in charge of facilitating the participation of Enschede in the GNSK, which is a Dutch student championship for athletes. In case the GNSK takes place in Enschede, the GNSK  Committee is responsible for organizing this event.